What is Semi-Formal Attire?

NAMRC 2018 Semi-Formal Attire Tips

You’re invited to the NAMRC Silver Jubilee Gala! 25th Anniversary.

  • What is semi-formal attire? Color theme: Silver

Semi-formal for women:

  • Dressier than work wear
  • Knee-length cocktail dresses
  • Pant suits in dressier fabrics
  • Heels or a dressy flat
  • Sparkley jewelry

Semi-formal for men:

  • Dressier than work wear
  • Light-colored suits
  • Tailored blazer and tie
  • Oxfords, loafers, brogues
  • Personalized accessories

See you on the silver carpet! July 11-14, 2018

NOTE: If you don’t have silver-clothes, you are still welcome to attend the gala! And these are typical gendered attire, please feel free to be yourself and dress how you wish!

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