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Virginia Commonwealth University is recruiting qualified candidates, including those with disabilities and from other minority backgrounds, with our new RSA traineeships in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling. Would you be so kind as to forward the following message to anybody you think may be able to help us recruit the most worthy candidates for these traineeships? Please call me at 804-687-2890 or email me at with any questions. Thanks!

Please disseminate:
Through two successful grant proposals, VCU’s Department of Rehabilitation Counseling now has available a limited number of traineeships sponsored by the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA).

Students funded by those traineeships commit to “employment payback” of working for two years for a state vocational rehabilitation agency (or nonprofit or other organization contracting with the state agency to provide services to vocational rehabilitation clients) in exchange for every full-time equivalent year of funding.

So, if a student is funded for two years of full-time study, that student would need to work in qualifying employment for four years to satisfy the payback obligation. There is also an option for financial repayment, as if the traineeship were a student loan, if the trainee decides not to work in qualifying employment.

We have two different RSA training projects: one is for students who seek to become vocational rehabilitation counselors, and the other is for students who seek to specialize in working in vocational rehabilitation settings with people who have mental health challenges.

Dr. Chris Reid ( is the project director for the vocational rehabilitation counselor traineeship grant; Dr. Chris Wagner ( is the project director for the mental health specialty traineeship grant.

If you or another qualified applicant that you know are interested in either traineeship, please contact the respective project director, as soon as possible.

With appreciation,
Chris Reid

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