President’s Message

President’s Greeting

May 15, 2017

Hello to all colleagues and friends of NAMRC,

Thank you for stopping by the NAMRC website.  We hope that you find what you are searching for and implore your thoughts, ideas and questions in regards to joining our great organization. Your voice and participation is needed! If you are a member of NRA and of the division of NAMRC, please consider volunteering for a committee.  NAMRC has five standing committees focused on Professional Development; Membership and Coalition Building; Public Relations and Marketing; Finance and Economic Development; and Legislation and Governance.

NAMRC’s mission is to promote cultural diversity and disability through advocacy for excellence and equity in rehabilitation research, education and practice. Founded in 1992 as a Division of the National Rehabilitation Association, the evolution of NAMRC stems from a history in which members (i.e. African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans and Asian Americans) were not given a voice within NRA and were not assured representation on the NRA Board of Directors.

Today, NAMRC is a professional association of dedicated rehabilitation professionals that recognizes the broad scope and dimensions of race, ethnicity, language, sexual orientation, gender, disability, class status, education, religious/spiritual orientation and other cultural dimensions when advocating for individuals with disabilities from culturally diverse backgrounds.

Our annual training conferences serve as a platform for professional development focused on enhancing service delivery that is equitable, competent, accessible and comprehensive for individuals with disabilities from culturally diverse backgrounds.

This year’s conference theme is “Contemporary Pioneers: Practicing Excellence In Cultural Inclusion.”

Ongoing changes in legislation, rehabilitation services, practice, and education warrants a training that keeps our members, students, consumers and the rehabilitation community up-to-date on changes impacting service delivery for individuals with disabilities.  We are planning for a great conference this year, so please join us on July 26-29, 2017 for our 24th Annual Training Conference to be held in Dallas, Texas, at the Dallas Marriot City Center.

We look forward to seeing you in Dallas!


Valyncia Wilson, M.S., CRC, LPC

2017-2018 NAMRC President