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By: Roohollah R. Sharifi, MD, FACS

  • Professor of Urology and Surgery, University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine
  • Section Chief of Urology, Jesse Brown Veterans Administration Hospital, Chicago, Illinois

Senna leaves have been used for centuries in both western and eastern cultures as a laxative medicine wheel isordil 10mg free shipping, usually taken as a tea or swallowed in powdered form treatment diarrhea purchase 10mg isordil otc. Senna leaf (both Indian and Alexandrian) symptoms you have cancer purchase 10 mg isordil, its fluid extract, and sennosides A and B are official in U. Commercial grades of leaves are graded according to their size and shape (entire, broken, etc. Strengths (see glossary) of extracts are based on weight-to-weight ratios, though more and more manufacturers are using sennoside contents as in house standards or guides. Senna leaves, pods, and their preparations are subjects of a positive German therapeutic monograph. Common/vernacular names: Sour date kernel, spiny jujube kernel, suan zao ren, zao ren, and shan zao ren. Fruits are wildcrafted when they ripen and turn red in autumn, soaked overnight and rid of flesh; the pits are then crushed open and the seeds collected and dried. The better grades are full and deep red or purplish brown in appearance and contain less than 5% impurities. Its polysaccharides (per os) also exhibited immunopotentiating and radiation-protective effects in mice. Its water and/or hydroalcoholic extracts are used along with Dahurian angelica in freckle removal creams and lotions; also used in other skin care products (sunscreen, acne, deodorant, antiperspirant, etc. Powder and extract used in herbal sedative formulas in tea, capsule, or tablet form. Sour jujube was first recorded over 2000 years ago and the fruit was listed in the Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing (ca. It is one of the major traditional Chinese brain tonics for treating neurasthenia, insomnia, excessive dreams (nightmares), night sweat, forgetfulness, and palpitations. However, modern chemical studies have not confirmed the validity of this distinction. Common/vernacular names: Scilla, sea onion, sea squill, Mediterranean squill, red squill, white squill (U. Urginea maritima is a species complex, now consisting of six or more species, with both genetic and phytochemical differences. White squill is derived from the white variety, while red squill is from its red variety. Recent White squill contains as active constituents several steroid glycosides (bufadienolides), including scillaren A (scillarenin rhamnoglucoside), glucoscillaren A (scillaren A glucoside), proscillaridin A (scillarenin rhamnoside), scillaridin A, scillicyanoside, scilliglucoside, scilliphaeoside (12b-hydroxyproscillaridin A), glucoscilliphaeoside (12bhydroxyscillaren), and others,2­7 with the most Squill 575 important ones being scillaren A and proscillaridin A. In German phytomedicine used for mild cardiac insufficiency and impaired kidney function. Has been used for centuries in Europe as a diuretic, emetic, expectorant, and cardiac stimulant. It is quite safe with humans and animals such as pets (cats and dogs) and domestic animals. The recently reported glycoprotein of white squill has a potent in vitro and in vivo antiangiogenic and proapoptotic activity against a mouse mammary carcinoma. Strengths 576 Stevia (see glossary) of extracts are expressed in weight-to-weight ratios. Labdane diterpenes include jhanol, austroinulin, 6-O-acetylaustroinulin; triterpenes include b-amyrin acetate and lupeol; other constituents include b-sitosterol, stigmasterol, tannins, and a volatile oil (0. Two weeks after administration, no significant differences in body or organ weights were reported. Various tests have not shown mutagenic or genotoxic activity; however, mutagenic activity of metabolized steviol has been reported. Stevia leaf is reported to have been used by Indian groups in Paraguay as a sweetener for mate (Ilex paraguayensis) as early as the 16th century. Reported Japanese use includes flavoring pickles, dried seafood, fish, and meat products; vegetables; confectionery; desserts; soy sauce; miso (and other products with high levels of sodium chloride); soft drinks; and others. Used since the early 1980s; dried leaf a sweetening agent in herbal teas, as well as leaf powder or extracts as a table or cooking sweetener. Weak antimicrobial activity of unidentified fractions has been reported against Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Proteus vulgaris.

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Pregnancy may increase risk for both mother and fetus z pak medications buy isordil 10 mg low price, with the risk depending on the type of cardiac condition and the functional status of the patient medicine 3605 cheap isordil 10 mg line. In general medicine used to induce labor discount isordil 10 mg with visa, the highest risk of maternal mortality during (and just following) pregnancy is associated with maternal pulmonary hypertension and/or Eisenmenger physiology. The pulmonary hypertension may increase during pregnancy but, perhaps more importantly, systemic vascular resistance falls during pregnancy. In patients with limited cardiac output reserve, such as with cardiomyopathy, pulmonary hypertension, or severe (usually left heart) obstructive lesions, the demand for increased cardiac output accompanying pregnancy may outstrip available supply. Maternal risk is also high in Marfan syndrome when the aorta is greater than 40 mm in diameter, or in a patient with Turner syndrome who 12 A healthy lifestyle and preventing heart disease in children 351 has achieved a pregnancy through oocyte donation, hormonal support, and other reproductive technologies. Intermediate levels of maternal risk accompany pregnancies in which the mother has unrepaired cyanotic congenital heart disease, palliated single ventricle lesions (after Fontan or total cavopulmonary anastomoses), moderately severe left heart obstructive lesions, systemic hypertension related to coarctation, significant arrhythmia, or the need for anticoagulation. The lowest maternal risk exists in young women with successful repair of a leftto-right shunt or who have a small hemodynamically insignificant shunt, a mild obstructive lesion, and following repair of cyanotic heart disease. These mothers have essentially the same medical risk as women without congenital heart disease. However, the recurrence risk for congenital cardiac malformation or other cardiac disease to occur in the offspring may still be higher and is discussed in other chapters and with regard to specific cardiac malformations and conditions such as Marfan syndrome. In general, there are relatively few cardiac lesions that alter the medical management of a pregnancy. Certain lesions may alter the conduct of delivery or mandate that delivery be planned at a center able to provide timely congenital heart surgery or intervention rather than transferring the newborn from the delivering hospital. Fetal echocardiography offers promise for an expectant parent with congenital heart disease; although it lacks perfect sensitivity and specificity, it can be useful in the prenatal diagnosis of cardiac conditions and allow appropriate staging of resources for neonatal care. The highest levels of risk for fetal death or very premature delivery occur in pregnancies of mothers needing anticoagulation (such as for prosthetic valves), with unrepaired cyanotic heart malformations, or with poor functional class (including women with cardiomyopathy or pulmonary hypertension). Obviously, the risk of fetal death goes hand-in-hand with the maternal death risk during early and mid-gestation. Contraception can be considered from two perspectives, reversible and irreversible. For common types of reversible forms, such as hormonal contraception, the primary risk is the potential increase in thrombogenicity with estrogen-containing preparations. For women with the highest risk cardiac conditions, when the risk of pregnancy is much higher than for contraceptive surgery, the primary concern is the chance of becoming pregnant while using contraception. These may include surgical versus laparoscopic fallopian tube ligation, or alternative methods such as endoscopic tubal ablation. Although pregnancy termination is often advised, there is considerable risk, particularly in the second or third trimester. When pregnancy termination is an option, its risks must be weighed against those of continuing the pregnancy. For young adults contemplating a planned pregnancy, a reasonable approach involves a preconception cardiac re-evaluation to plan maternal cardiac intervention, if indicated. Recurrence risk Recurrence risk varies with lesion and even with which parent is affected. Left heart obstructive lesions, such as aortic stenosis, have a relatively high recurrence risk (estimated at 10­15%). If, in the proband, the cardiac malformation is not part of a recognized syndrome (including microdeletions of chromosome 22 or translocation-type trisomies) and no previous family history of cardiac anomalies exists, the risk of a second child being affected is probably twice that of the first. If a second child in a family is affected, the form of cardiac anomaly will be concordant in half. Some families have several members of one generation who show the same form of cardiac malformation. Interestingly, one exception seems to be complete transposition of the great vessels, where the occurrence of multiple, or even two, instances in a family is rare. If a second child does have a cardiac anomaly, the risk of a subsequent child also having a cardiac anomaly is even higher. If the child shows one of the recognizable syndromes associated with cardiac malformations, specific genetic counseling should be given. Most children with a cardiac anomaly can be allowed a normal range of physical activity; however, they should realize that the anomaly may limit their ability to exercise.

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Outcomes: Incidence of the most common cancers among Jordanians medicine 93 948 effective isordil 10 mg, distributed by site medications on airline flights cheap isordil 10mg with visa, age medicine 93 948 discount 10mg isordil mastercard, gender, and geographically for the period 2010-2014. The rate of incidence of thyroid cancer has increased more than any other cancer worldwide. Health care services therefore need to gear up to provide close clinical follow-up care for people both in primary and specialist care. Information and communication technologies may enable more integrated treatment and care pathways across geographical boundaries. Though, hospital-based telemedicine system has been proved to be effective in carrying out continuity of care after primary treatment is over, current usage of social media in such situations are not studied well. The social media­based remote monitoring can be done at leisure, convenient to both patients and treating surgeons and does not require costly hospital infrastructure. Aim: We conducted this study to assess the effect of remote monitoring using tele­follow-up on compliance, satisfaction and economic benefit. Strategy/Tactics: Use of social media tools to empower patients on regular follow-up. Outcomes: A total of 67 postoperative patients were followed up using social media tools. The reasons for tele­follow-up were: confirmation of histology report (n 5 62), medication dosage adjustments (n 5 58), wound evaluation (n 5 42), reporting of S. What was learned: Low- and middle-income countries need an eHealth revolution using this type of technology to achieve the goal of health for all as availability of health care facilities is a problem in such geographical locations in addition to lack of human resources as compared with patients needing healthcare. Ellis3 1 CanTeen Australia, Newtown, Australia; 2The University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia; 3Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne, Australia Background and context: Traditionally adult hospitals focus on the patient and less on their family. Strategy/Tactics: Cofunding with philanthropic organizations was sought and CanTeen executives engaged in advocacy work with senior hospital management, demonstrating the need for the service and a plan to embed it within the existing hospital social work team and services. A service improvement approach has been established with the collection of monitoring data measuring volume of referrals/sessions, capacity building of other staff, information given to young people and referrals to CanTeen. A service evaluation seeking feedback from patients and relevant hospital staff is also underway. Outcomes: To date, philanthropic funding and hospital support was gained to establish a pilot program placing a Parent Support Worker in 3 hospitals. Early indications are that this novel service is integrating well into established hospital teams and processes, and adding considerable value with the provision of this focused family support. What was learned: this advocacy initiative is highlighting the benefits of a model of care in adult hospitals that centrally considers family and the strength of a well-planned cross-sector service initiative. The lack of diagnostic and therapeutic facilities, lack of trained human resources, shortage of chemotherapeutic and narcotic drugs is evident. Education and training for human resource development and research is very minimal. Aim: To find a mechanism to bridge the gap between the developed and rich countries with the low- and middle-income country and countries with civil strife where cancers control is not a priority. Develop education and training workshops in awareness, palliative care, pain relief, data registry, research and leadership training in spirituality for terminally ill patients. This worrying phenomenon is co-opting more patients away from scientifically tested care strategies. Sentiment analysis refers to the use of natural language processing, text analysis, computational linguistics, and biometrics to systematically identify, extract, quantify, and study affective states and subjective information in populations. Aim: the aim of this project was to construct a sentiment analysis tool on cancer and develop an expert-driven support network for utilizing this tool for identifying pseudoscience-related cancer discussions and material in the Malaysian online space; and act to counterbalance these discussions with scientific facts. Strategy/Tactics: First, the tool was evaluated to determine its accuracy in identifying cancer-related pseudoscience news in the Malaysian context. This was done by having content experts objectively ascertain the analysis carried out by the tool. The support system mechanism consisted of a voluntarily recruited expert panel consisting of healthcare professionals briefed on the mechanism of the tool. Once the tool was deployed, the resultant analysis was shared out to the expert panel who then responded; counterbalancing the pseudoscience material identified in the respective online medium with accurate information. Program/Policy process: the sentiment analysis tool deployed machine learning, statistics, and natural language processing techniques to automate sentiment analysis on large collections of online cancer-related texts, including Web pages, online news, Internet discussion groups, online reviews, Web blogs, and social media. The tool was combined with a support-systems network of healthcare professionals who acted on the analysis results.

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In starvation also urea synthesis is more mostly due to medicine to reduce swelling isordil 10mg on line increased protein breakdown keratin treatment purchase 10mg isordil with amex. Since the urea cycle converts ammonia to 72210 treatment cheap isordil 10 mg urea these disorders of urea cycle cause ammonia intoxication. Some common clinical symptoms seen in these diseases are vomiting, irritability, lethargy, seizures, mental retardation, coma and early death. Hyper ammonemia Type I It is due to deficiency of enzyme carbamoyl phosphate synthetase-I. So, in this condition carbamoyl phosphate accumulates and diverted to pyrimidine formation. Citrullinemia this condition is due to the absence of enzyme argininosuccinate synthetase. N-acetyl glutamate synthetase is involved in formation of N-acetyl glutamate from acetyl-CoA and glutamate. Since carbamoyl glutamate is an analog of acetyl glutamate administration of carbamoyl glutamate can lower symptoms. Urea production may be decreased in liver diseases Treatment Treatment of urea cycle disorders involves removal of excess ammonia from blood and reduction of dietary nitrogen load. Administration of compounds which can increase nitrogen excretion is another line of treatment. Metabolic fates of carbon skeletons of Amino acids Initial deamination of aminoacids produces carbon skeletons of amino acids. These seven compounds are ultimately used for the formation of carbohydrates or fat like substances. Hence, amino acids are classified based on the metabolic fate of their carbon skeletons also. The products may be pyruvate, oxaloacetate, -ketoglutarate, succinate and fumarate. Glycine, alanine, valine, serine, threonine, cysteine, methionine, aspartate (aspargine), glutamate (glutamine), histidine, arginine and proline are glucogenic amino acids. Ketogenic amino acids the carbon skeletons of these aminoacids gives rise to fat like substances or intermediates of fatty acid catabolism. Isoleucine, phenylalanine, tyrosine, tryptophan and lysine are also ketogenic amino acids. Isoleucine, phenylalanine, tyrosine, tryptophan and lysine are glucogenic and ketogenic amino acids. Glycine is formed from serine in a reaction catalyzed by serine trans hydroxy-methylase. This enzyme catalyzes -c-c-bond cleavage in the forward reaction and -c-c-bond formation in backward reaction. Glycine is formed from threonine also by the action of serine trans hydroxy methylase. Though the name indicates synthetic action of enzyme actually it cleaves glycine by splitting ­c-cand -C-N- bonds of glycine. First glycine is converted to serine by the reversal of serine trans hydroxy methylase reaction. In the third pathway, D-aminoacid oxidase or glycine oxidase converts glycine to glyoxalate involving deamination. Inherited diseases of amino acid metabolism are referred as inborn errors of amino acid metabolism. Primary hyper oxaluria It is characterized by excretion of large amounts of oxalate (15-60 mg/day) in urine irrespective of dietary oxalate. Excess oxalate combines with calcium to form calcium oxalate crystals in urine, which can deposit in kidney and urinary tract. So, the symptoms are bilateral urolithiasis (stones in both ureters), nephrocalcinosis (stones in kidney) and recurrent urinary tract infections. Death occurs in childhood or early adult life due to renal failure or hypertension. Characteristic symptoms are severe mental retardation and excess glycine in blood and urine. Protein and Amino acid Metabolism 301 Biological Importance Glycine is required for the synthesis of several biologically important compounds.

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