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By: Alexandra Shillingburg, PharmD, BCOP

  • Clinical Specialist in Oncology, Pharmacy Department, West Virginia University Medicine, Morgantown, West Virginia

Some of these indigenous practices have been developed after generations of experimentation and testing while some have been developed recently breast cancer 3a generic aygestin 5 mg on line. These strategies need to women's health center dickson tn order aygestin 5mg with visa be tapped in the policy discourse on Indigenous/local Knowledge or climate change adaptation women's health clinic lloydminster 5 mg aygestin for sale, though Please cite this article in press as: Dey, A. They lend to each other, often without charging an interest but with generalized reciprocity (that is, they can create equivalence between say, someone weeding their field and in turn, they taking care of her infant when she goes for work on another occasion). Another interesting practice in these villages is that they prefer to share the surplus production from the homestead gardens with other women rather than selling it in the market. Explaining this exchange of vegetable surplus, a middle-aged woman community member told that it helped them to keep their horizontal communication channels open. In view of the general assurance of reciprocity, they protect such plants from being eaten by cattle. They can share their emotions and knowledge with other women much more freely and hence they can serve as an important link in participatory research and execution of adaptation policies. Women need platforms where their can share their knowledge, get feedback and rewards. This knowledge needs to be disseminated at a large scale in multi-media and multi-lingual formats, given the demographic and cultural diversity of India and disparity in literacy levels. The knowledge transfer across generations, particularly among women is vital for maintaining sustainability quest of vulnerable communities. Agency of women needs strengthening because many elements of their knowledge system may exist as concatenated, fragmented, or embedded in induced institutional innovations. Their knowledge may not seem stand-alone as most of them share it with other women generally without caste or class barriers. Hence, this knowledge becomes a community or public domain knowledge owing to the culture of open sharing. However, in the absence of low transaction cost platform of lateral learning, the adequate churning of their knowledge system may not take place contributing sufficiently to climate change resilience. The informal networks of women can be the channels for targeting climate adaptation policies dealing with horizontal knowledge management systems. In the study area, we could see that there is a culture of open sharing, beyond caste, class, or creed. As it gives everyone the access to the resource pool and the value-added knowledge. If women groups become the loci of the knowledge and resource dissemination at least in the cases of a disaster like vii crop failure due to flood or drought, there are fair chances that they will share these more openly. Most of the collective understanding needs negotiations, but public extension functionaries are seldom trained in institution building or induced autopoiesis (Dey et al. The moral control rather than formal or legal contracts plays a crucial role in survival through such institutions. The informal exchanges of women also help in building community solidarity and a sense of belonging, especially in the regions where men folks out migrate. Sometimes government provides subsidies or relief on individual basis and not group basis, thereby possibly weakening the collective institutions. But if they are routed through collective institutions, the cost of resolving the conflicts or disputes may go down given there better transparency, higher trust, greater accountability, and some third-party sanction against the violators in these informal institutions. There are some institutions where community representatives could censure the undesirable behavior. Moreover, it is evident that women are part of many social groups or networks simultaneously. Hence, it might be difficult to accept the idea of mediating support through any one institution. Instead, an iterative model of institutional engagement and disengagement may appeal to them more. This may help them design their package of practices/incentives/ solutions better and prevent rapid obsolescence of emergent solutions. Weather information needs to be provided according to local calendars, which are different from the Gregorian calendars. The onset and withdrawal of monsoon rains have a great bearing on the farming activities in which women are involved. If we can develop easily manageable and comprehensible expert systems, then women can feed their local field parameters and generate operational choices to deal with various kinds of impending risks. Gender-specific policies need to build upon their strength rather than their weakness (more often in terms of physical attributes).

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One of the most popular fitness app brands on the market womens health danvers ma aygestin 5mg mastercard, the MapMyFitness app suite was acquired by Under Armour and boasts integration with over 400 different activity trackers menopause the musical lyrics generic aygestin 5mg. The platform also connects to women's health clinic pico discount aygestin 5mg without prescription MyFitnessPal, a calorie tracker, for an interconnected health and fitness package. Companies such as Withings and Fitbit who offer a broad range of devices provide mechanisms for tracking, syncing and connecting multiple sources of data through smartphone apps to monitor overall health and wellness. Exhibit 12: Consumer Driven Mainstream Health Wearables Patient Adoption of mHealth. Currently, many of these innovative approaches are marketed directly to consumers with an option of provider interaction. Given consumer interest in mHealth, healthcare industry initiatives and marketplace opportunity for mHealth app developers, accelerated growth in available devices and associated apps should be expected. Exhibit 13: Innovative Health Devices Sensoria Technology Smart Sock this device is designed to detect parameters important in helping a person improve running form such as cadence, foot landing, and the type of shoes that a person should wear when running. The Sensoria Technology Fitness App provides real time data, sending information to the companion app. It has the ability to coach the user in improving form and preventing injury from improper foot striking patterns. An anklet can be connected to the sock to track running performance In real time as well. Low-energy waveforms are delivered through a wearable device to facilitate relaxation, decrease anxiety or increase energy as needed. The remainder of the top ten device types target chronic conditions such as heart and blood pressure monitoring, as well as diabetes and stress. At this time, over half of wearables are designed for use on the wrist, another 23% designed to be worn around the chest and 17% are designed to be worn either on the purse, pocket or shoe (Exhibit 15). Nearly 90% of devices sync wirelessly with an app to automatically collect and provide access to data for reporting and analysis. There are a growing number of wearables being developed to connect to the ear, a body part which is unobtrusive and can collect sensory information on real-time heart rate, blood pressure, respiration rate, oxygen saturation and steps taken. Connectivity within the app space between consumers, devices and healthcare providers is critical to fully leveraging mHealth apps as a component in maintaining long term, successful disease prevention and management as well as containing overall healthcare costs. Over the past two years, the percentage of mHealth apps with the capability to connect to social networks increased from 26% to 34% based on the apps studied (Exhibit 16). This increase reflects improved functionality of apps and underscores the importance of including the aspect of social networking in mHealth apps. Social networks provide connections that are motivating and add a different level of engagement around app use whether it be encouragement from a person, as opposed to pre-set encouraging comments from a tool, to sharing real experiences with people in a similar situation. Leveraging these types of connections and interactions is important to the overall consumer experience and success of an mHealth app (Exhibit 17). While the percent of apps that communicate externally remains low, these apps are able to do so in a secure way. However, this does not include expenses for devices and their connectivity to apps, such as fitness trackers, which must be purchased separately by the consumer for use with the app and may inflate the share of free apps since the cost is incurred outside of the app itself. Overall there has been a 4% decrease in the percent of mHealth apps costing less than $3 with a subsequent increase in the cost for chargeable apps over ten dollars. Although these apps were identified as the most expensive, these apps are beginning to augment and/or replace more costly dedicated devices. Exhibit 20: Examples of Paid Disease Specific mHealth Apps TouchChat by Fewlaps S. Page 22 Uptake and use of mHealth apps A small number of mHealth apps are responsible for over 90% of consumer downloads Given the growth of healthcare apps in the smartphone and tablet market, consumers have the ability to try several apps before staying with one that works for them. The low, or no, cost of apps increases the ability to try apps at no financial risk to consumers. Based on the 6,998 apps for which download information was available, the relatively small subset (12%) of mHealth apps with greater than 100,000 downloads account for more than 90% of downloads overall (Exhibit 21). There is growing interest in the role of "prescribing" apps to patients as distinct from informally recommending apps.

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This can arise in two main ways (a) When a person who may or may not be sick encounters the health services for some specific purpose breast cancer prognosis order aygestin 5mg amex, such as to breast cancer decorations cheap aygestin 5 mg on line receive limited care or service for a current condition menstruation symptoms but no period purchase aygestin 5mg without prescription, to donate an organ or tissue, to receive prophylactic vaccination or to discuss a problem which is in itself not a disease or injury. Such factors may be elicited during population surveys, when the person may or may not be currently sick, or be recorded as an additional factor to be borne in mind when the person is receiving care for some illness or injury. They may be used for patients who have already been treated for a disease or injury, but who are receiving follow-up or prophylactic care, convalescent care, or care to consolidate the treatment, to deal with residual states, to ensure that the condition has not recurred, or to prevent recurrence. Living alone Acculturation difficulty Includes: Migration Social transplantation Social exclusion and rejection Includes: Exclusion and rejection on the basis of personal characteristics, such as unusual physical appearance, illness or behaviour. Excludes: target of adverse discrimination such as for racial or religious reasons (Z60. Removal from home in childhood Note: Admission to a foster home, hospital or other institution causing psychosocial stress, or forced conscription into an activity away from home for a prolonged period. Events resulting in loss of self-esteem in childhood Note: Events resulting in a negative self-reappraisal by the child such as failure in tasks with high personal investment; disclosure or discovery of a shameful or stigmatizing personal or family event; and other humiliating experiences. Problems related to alleged physical abuse of child Note: Problems related to incidents in which the child has been injured in the past by any adult in the household to a medically significant extent (e. Other negative life events in childhood Negative life event in childhood, unspecified Z62 Z62. Parental overprotection Note: Pattern of upbringing resulting in infantilization and prevention of independent behaviour. Hostility towards and scapegoating of child Note: Negative parental behaviour specifically focused on the child as an individual, persistent over time and pervasive over several child behaviours (e. Emotional neglect of child Note: Parent talking to the child in a dismissive or insensitive way. Irritated reaction to anxious behaviour and absence of sufficient physical comforting and emotional warmth. Other problems related to neglect in upbringing Note: Lack of learning and play experience Inappropriate parental pressure and other abnormal qualities of upbringing Note: Parents forcing the child to be different from the local norm, either sex-inappropriate (e. Other specified problems related to upbringing Problem related to upbringing, unspecified Z62. Problems in relationship with parents and in-laws Inadequate family support Absence of family member Z63. Respite care Other problems related to medical facilities and other health care Unspecified problem related to medical facilities and other health care Z75. The morphology code numbers consist of five digits; the first four identify the histological type of the neoplasm and the fifth, following a slash or solidus, indicates its behaviour. The one-digit behaviour code is as follows /0 Benign /1 Uncertain whether benign or malignant Borderline malignancy Low malignant potential /2 Carcinoma in situ Intraepithelial Non-infiltrating Non-invasive /3 Malignant, primary site /6 Malignant, metastatic site Malignant, secondary site /9 Malignant, uncertain whether primary or metastatic site In the nomenclature given here, the morphology code numbers include the behaviour code appropriate to the histological type of neoplasm. For example, nephroblastoma (8960/3), by definition, always arises in the kidney; hepatocellular carcinoma (8170/3) is always primary in the liver; and basal cell carcinoma (8090/3) usually arises in the skin. Thus nephroblastoma is followed by the code for malignant neoplasm of kidney (C64). Occasionally a problem arises when a site given in a diagnosis is different from the site indicated by the sitespecific code. However, if the term "Infiltrating duct carcinoma" is used for a primary carcinoma arising in the pancreas, the correct code would be C25. A coding difficulty sometimes arises where a morphological diagnosis contains two qualifying adjectives that have different code numbers. In such circumstances, the higher number (8120/3 in this example) should be used, as it is usually more specific. Use additional code (B95-B98) to identify agents resistant to bectalactam antibiotic treatment. These codes are provided for use as supplementary or additional codes to identify the resistance of a condition to antimicrobial drugs. Use additional code (B95-B98) to identify agents resistant to other antibiotic treatment.

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It is said women's health libido issues buy aygestin 5 mg online, "The hearts of free [intelligent] men are the burial grounds for secrets menopause 46 discount aygestin 5mg overnight delivery. Additionally menstruation 3 days late purchase aygestin 5 mg with mastercard, using detailed word descriptions for them causes them to be even more unreachable [for the common man] since spiritual experiences cannot really be understood in with words. And the common person who comes across such detailed explanations is likely to reject the concepts being discussed and attack the high-level knowledge of the noble leaders of the Path. Abu `Ali al-Rawdabari said, "Our knowledge consists entirely of allusions and when it is expressed with detailed words, it becomes obscure. He has only made the reward of believers to be in the next life according to what we know for two reasons. The first is that the world cannot fit what He wants to give them of pleasureful experiences both physical and spiritual. As for physically speaking, it is because the world is low and has small regions [which people must share] and Allah will give common believers in the next world as has come in hadith exclusive ownership of a region which takes five hundred years to cross in a journey. So, one obviously can see that the earth is too small to reward each of the believers with ownership of such a large domain. As for spiritually speaking, it is because the world is inherently low, deficient, dirty, and insignificant and the things which the people of Paradise will enjoy are noble and high as have come in hadith: the place of placing a small whip in Paradise is better than the entire world and what it holds. And that the light of the bracelets of the maidens of Paradise outshines the light of the sun, etc. This is because everything that perishes even if it remains for a long period is equal to nothing in the end. Rather, He has guaranteed them a permanent pleasureful living in the persisting kingdom [in Paradise]. Then, the angel will ask permission to enter from behind seventy veils and enter upon him with a written letter from Allah Mighty and Majestic whose title reads "From the Living Who Does Not Die to the living who does not die". Then, when the believing servant opens the letter, he finds that it states: O My servant I long to see you; so, visit Me. Then, he will ask the angel whether he came with a lightning-fast flying vehicle of transportation (buraq) and the angel will answer in the affirmative. So, he will ride the fast flying vehicle but his desire to meet his Lord will be even greater and thus he will leave the flying vehicle of transportation and be carried by his desire and anticipation [even faster] leaving the vehicle of transportation behind until he reaches the Place of Meeting. The fruit of acts of obedience in this world is finding sweetness while performing them and this happens for most acts which are performed regularly while initially finding the acts undesirable and hard to perform. One of the knowers of Allah said, "No good act exists except that there is some hardship associated with it which one must be patient with. Then, I started reciting it like I was hearing it from the Messenger of Allah (May Allah bless him and give him peace) reciting to his Companions. Then, Allah granted the gift of another rank and I started reciting it like I was hearing it from the One Who Speaks with it. And at that time, I experienced a delight and pleasure which I could not hold myself back from. A hadith states: Allah does not accept an action from someone seeking prestige or showing off for people. This is because Allah ranks a servant according to how the servant ranks Him in his ownself. And when the servant does not give weight to the rights of Allah, His laws, and sacred rites, Allah Most High humiliates him, lowers his rank, and gives him distress in painful punishment. Wahb ibn `Abullah said, "I read in some books that Allah says: O son of Adam obey Me in what I have commanded you and do not try to inform me of what is best for you since I know my creation best. I only honor him who honors Me and I only humiliate him who considers My commands insignificant. When Allah grants the servant these two things, he has showered upon him His blessings both externally and internally and He has made him reach the endpoint of all hopes in this world and the next - Glory be to Him, Lofty and Majestic is He. If you have no recourse but to ask Him, then ask Him for that which He has asked you for. In such a case, you will be existing through Him and living for Him and He will give you what you ask for right away without making you wait. If you ask for obtaining your selfish portions and desires, it is likely that there will a delay in your receiving an answer or a withholding of an answer; additionally in a such a case, you will miss out on the proper manners of supplication [due to the impatience and then disappointment you show].

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