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Y 3 } (t he s haded set i n t he figure) 1 t he random variables X and Y can be seen to generic 50mg glyset i ndependent cheap 50 mg glyset visa. In fact l this follows same is true for verification is left as an g(X) on c e we +Y us unchanged when the buy glyset 50 mg free shipping. The random variables X X - E[X] and Y Y - E[Y] are independent (because they are functions of the independent random variables X and Y). For an interesting comparison, note that the mean of the sum of two random variables is always equal to the sum of their means. Furthermore, for any functions 9 and h, the random variables and h(Y) are independent, and we have E g(X)h(Y)] · g(X) [= E [g(X)] E [h(Y)]. Independence of Several Random Variables the preceding discussion extends naturally to the case of more than two random variables. Properties such as the above are intuitively clear if we interpret independence in terms of noninter acting (sub)experiments. Fortunately, there is general agreement between intuition and what is mathematically correct. This is basically a testament that our definitions of independence adequately reflect the intended interpretation. Variance of the Sum of Independent Random Variables Sums of independent random variables are especially important in a variety of contexts. They also arise when dealing with the cumulative effect of several independent sources of randomness. We provide some illustrations in the examples that follow and we will also return to this theme in later chapters. We consider n independent coin tosses, with each toss having probability p of coming up a head. For each i, we let Xl be the Bernoulli random variable which is equal to 1 if the ith toss comes up a head, and is 0 otherwise. To verify the formula var(Y) = A, we write m=O = A(E[Y] + 1) = A (A + 1), from which the formulas for the mean and variance of a weighted sum of random variables form the basis for many statistical procedures that estimate the mean of a random variable by averaging many independent samples. To this end, we ask n persons drawn at random from the voter population, and we let Xi be a random variable that encodes the response of the ith person: Example 2. Thus, the random variable Sn is the approval rating of B within our n-person sample. This is because it has the correct expected value, which is the approval rating p, and its accuracy, as reflected by its variance, improves as the sample size increases. Note that even if the random variables Xi are not Bernoulli, the same calcu lation yields var(X), var(Sn) = n n as long as the Xi are independent, with common mean E [X] and variance var(X). Thus, again, the sample mean becomes a good estimate (i n terms of variance) of the true mean E [X], as the sample size increases. We will revisit the properties of the sample mean and discuss them in much greater detail in Chapter 5, in connection with the laws of large numbers. In many practical situations, the analytical calculation of the probability of some event of interest is very difficult. However, if we have a physical or computer model that can generate outcomes of a given experiment in accordance with their true probabilities, we can use simulation to calculate with high accuracy the probability of any given event A. In this chapter, we focused on discrete random variables, and developed a conceptual framework and some relevant tools. Summary of Results for Special Random Variables Discrete Uniform over [a b]:, if k = a, a + 1. The formula for the mean does not require independence of the Xi, but the formula for the variance does. The concepts and methods of this chapter extend appropriately to general random variables (see the next chapter), and are fundamental for our subject. What is the probability that exactly one other guest has the same birthday as you? Fischer and Spassky play a chess match in which the first player to win a game wins the match. A packet communication system consists of a buffer that stores packets from some source, and a communication line that retrieves packets from the buffer and transmits them to a receiver. In the second slot, the system transmits either all the stored packets or c packets (whichever is less). The Celtics and the Lakers are set to play a playoff series of n basketball games, where n is odd.

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When industries plan to generic 50mg glyset overnight delivery relocate or open a new plant purchase 50 mg glyset, they typically avoid a site within a non-attainment area purchase glyset 50 mg. This body of science indicates vague correlations between adverse health effects and specific ozone levels. Supreme Court has concluded that the economic costs of attaining the standard cannot be a balancing factor when establishing this exclusively health-based standard. On closer review, many of the epidemiological studies are inconclusive or contradictory. Of critical importance is the difference between actual and imputed exposure to ozone. Outdoor ozone levels at a monitor site are not an accurate measure of what the average individual breathes. Personal indoor exposure is more likely about 10 percent of the outdoor monitored level. Therefore it seems unlikely that observed associations between short-term ozone concentrations and daily mortality are due solely to ozone itself. A policy decision with repercussions this significant-federal non-attainment status in 666 U. Remote correlations between ozone levels and adverse health effects may provide useful information. Science used to impose a mandatory ozone standard as low as 70-60 ppb, however, should demonstrate a causal connection between higher ozone levels and health effects. He served for four years as Chairman of the Clean Air Act Scientific Advisory Panel. The new scientific information questions about the role of science in public policy decisions. However, as the societal and economic stakes escalate, the quality of the science must be assessed by policymakers. Equally important, the process for developing State Implementation Plans must be streamlined. James Gauderman et al, "The Effect of Air Pollution on Lung Development from 10-18 Years of Age" New England Journal of Medicine 351 (2007) 1057-67. McClellan, Comments on the National Ambient Air Quality Standards for Ozone, Proposed Rule, Federal Register, Vol. Texas also has created some of the most creative and generous incentives to reduce mobile source emissions. The state has developed state-of-the-art ozone science to discover which factors specific to individual regions in Texas drive ozone formation. For example, ozone forms differently in the Houston region than in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. Industry investments in cutting-edge control technology and in enhanced operational management were key to the Texas success. Air Quality Research Texas has invested more money in air quality research over the last 10 years than any state In the country. These reforms will not rollback existing, effective protection of air quality but will foster more rapid, costefficient management of genuine air quality challenges. Congress should reclaim its constitutional authority to make the fundamental policy decisions about air quality; such as determination of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards and approval of major regulations. It must, further, relegate science to its proper role as a critical tool to guide policy decisions about environmental risk but not as a means of dictating policy decisions. Those regions with interstate air quality problems can address them regionally through interstate compacts or other legal mechanisms. Most critically, federal policies about air quality need to incorporate fundamental principles of individual liberty, private property, and the free market. The air quality improvements over the last 40 years were driven by innovation, efficiency, and economic growth.

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For most of the past 12 discount 50 mg glyset free shipping,000 years purchase glyset 50 mg otc, atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations have remained in a tight 50 mg glyset amex, comfortable range of 260 to 285 ppm. But fossil fuel combustion over the past two centuries has pushed concentrations above 410 ppm. The last time they were at this level was likely more than three million years ago (Seki et al. The scientific community has studied the relationship between fossil fuel combustion and global climate change for 125 years, and developed increasingly sophisticated climate models to forecast how these changes will unfold in the future under different emissions scenarios. But our understanding of the impact of these changes on society has lagged considerably. Until recently only a few models existed, each with little empirical basis or geographic detail. When paired with high-resolution climate models, this research provides, for the first time, evidence-based estimates of the impact of climate change at a hyper-local level. This insight comes as policymakers grapple with inequality in economic and health outcomes from a pandemic-driven global recession. Recent findings from climate econometrics suggest that if humanity does not address climate change in the next few decades, it will likely drive more devastation and deeper inequality than the current global crisis. And unlike the current crisis, the inequality of climate change extends to the cause as well as the effect. The carbon dioxide emissions heating the Earth today were emitted over the past two centuries, tied to economic activity that was not evenly distributed around the world. These countries are far less vulnerable to the impacts of climate change than the other 80 percent. This is due in large part to their current climate and the convex relationship between temperature and most economic and social outcomes. Policy Response and a growing body of climate econometric research shows that a given increase in temperature is much worse for places that are already hot. Compounding this effect is the protective nature of past income growth in richer countries to climate change, made possible by fossil fuel combustion. Wealthier citizens emit more carbon dioxide and are more protected from the changes in the climate those emissions create, due both to geography and being affluent enough to adapt. This chapter starts with a description of recent changes in the climate and how scientists predict those changes will evolve in the years ahead. It then describes recent advances in econometric research that, when paired with high-resolution climate models, help us understand the impact of those changes in the climate on society. The State of the Science Scientific research on the impact of carbon dioxide emissions on the climate dates back almost as far as the combustion of fossil fuels to power industrialization. In an 1856 paper presented to the American Association for the Advancement of Science, New York scientist Eunice Foote argued increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would increase global temperatures (Foote 1856; Jackson 2019). As fossil fuel production expanded in the late 19th century and early 20th century, climate science continued to improve. In 1894, Swedish scientist Arvid Hцgbom quantified the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere from the 500 million tons of global coal consumption occurring at the time (Hцgbom 1894). Two years later, his colleague Svante Arrhenius estimated that a doubling of carbon dioxide concentrations would lead to a 5-6°C increase in global temperatures (Arrhenius 1896). Arrhenius believed, however, that this doubling would take thousands of years to occur, given the rate of carbon dioxide emissions at the time, and could possibly serve as a defense against the Earth entering another glacial cycle. English steam engineer Guy Stewart Callendar analyzed temperature data and compiled estimates of atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations from around the world. He estimated Climate Convexity: the Inequality of a Warming World 211 atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide increased by 6 percent between 1880 and 1935, and that global temperatures had increased by 0. Using a simple model of the climate, Callendar estimated half of the observed increase in temperature was due to 150 billion tons of carbon dioxide from historical fossil fuel combustion. He wrote: Few of those familiar with the natural heat exchanges of the atmosphere, which go into the making of our climates and weather, would be prepared to admit that the activities of man could have any influence upon phenomena of so vast a scale. In the following paper I hope to show that such influence is not only possible, but is actually occurring at the present time. Callendar, like Arrhenius, significantly underestimated future carbon dioxide emissions growth in projecting potential warming.

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How in those Southern States strife where Negroes formed a minority there ensued between planters generic glyset 50 mg on-line, poor whites glyset 50 mg generic, Negroes and carpetbaggers which after varying forms of alliance finally ended in the subjection of black labor We have studied Reconstruction in three states ance of Negro population 50 mg glyset sale, and the political ing Reconstruction, makes it fair to say that the Negro during part of the time exercised a considerable dictatorship over the state governments of South Carolina, Mississippi, and Louisiana. In these states, the material for studying the participation of the Negro in Reconstruction is where the preponderpart which it played dur- large, although by no means complete. We now come to states where the Negro population is large, but where from the beginning the political influence of the Negro was comparatively small. In Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas, Texas and the Border States, the interests of black labor were never in the ascendent; but from the first there was a battle between carpetbaggers and planters to control white and black labor. For a time, the ancient breach between planters and poor whites gave control to carpetbaggers and scalawags supported by Negroes. But war and poverty had depleted the old planter families; and some poor whites, eager for land and profits, and jealous of Negroes, came to join the planters. They gradually drove the carpetbaggers to the wall, and took forcible control of colored labor, with the help of the whole labor vote which they controlled. There was competition for appointment to the provisional governorship of Alabama, but Louis E. The convention in September admitted that "the institution of slavery has been destroyed in the State of Alabama. Patton, who saw the reaction in the North, and was trying to keep in careful touch with Washington. He warned the lawmakers that the Negro was at work, and that such severe legislation was not needed. Patton said with regard to these bills: "I have carefully examined the laws which under this bill would be applied to the freedmen; and I think that a mere recital of some of these provisions will show the impolicy and injustice of enforcing it upon the Negroes in their new condition. The chief characteristic of Reconstruction in Alabama was the direct between the poor whites and the planters. The poor whites of Alabama were largely segregated in the Northern part of the fight for mastery state. The delegates from the white counties of north and southeast Alabama voted in favor of this, and thirty white delegates from the Black Belt voted against it. This measure destroyed the political power of the Black Belt, and if the Johnson government had survived, the state would have been ruled by the white counties, instead of by the black counties. The labor, planters were thus thrown into involuntary alliance with Negro and the matter of Negro suffrage was discussed. Brooks, once President of the Secession Convention of 1861, and a brother of Bully Brooks of South Carolina, who nearly killed Sumner, introduced a bill in the lower house providing for a qualified Negro suffrage, based on education and property. This bill was indorsed by Governor Patton and Judge Goldthwaite, but there were two difficulties: first, the unbending opposition of the triumphant poor whites, and secondly, the suspicion of the planters themselves that their ability to dictate to the blacks was not so certain. The people governed themselves extra-legally, and have not re4 covered from the practice. There was a natural desire to get possession of firearms, and all through the summer and fall, they were acquiring shotguns, muskets, and pistols, in great quantities. In several instances, the civil authorities, backed by the militia, searched Negro houses for weapons, and sometimes found supplies which were confiscated. There was not only loss of slaves, destruction, and deterioration of property, but the cotton tax and war confiscation fell heavily on this cotton section. Many times as much money was taken from the Negro tenant, in the form of this cotton tax, as was spent in aiding him. They brought with them a good deal of capital, and since cotton was selling for 40^ to 50^ a pound, they naturally expected to make large profits. After the Reconstruction laws, these capitalists sought to control the labor vote. Encouraged by them, the Negroes called a convention in Mobile, which met in May, 1867. That same month, Senator Henry Wilson of Massachusetts made Montgomery to a great crowd of black and white people.