2020 – 2022 Election Results

Photograph of 7 people clapping around a table and two hands fist bumping in the foreground

Dear NAMRC members,

Here are the results of the 2020-2022 elections:

  • Caleb Cuthbertson – Student Representative (Alabama)
  • Felicia Hunter – Treasurer (Michigan) 

Board of Directors

  • Terrie Hylton (Michigan)
  • Katavia Sloan (Georgia)
  • Robert Stevens (Arkansas)
  • Courtney Ward-Sutton (Oklahoma)

Additionally, the following individuals have agreed to serve as noted below:

  • Alexis Duggan, Co-Chair Membership and Coalition Building Committee (Texas)
  • Andre Washington, Co-Chair Professional Development Committee (Oklahoma)
  • Danielle Antol, member, Publicity and Marketing Committee(Texas)

Valyncia Wilson, Immediate Past President

Michell L. Temple, President

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